Dumpster Rentals FAQ

Dumpster Rentals by Truck N Go FAQ's


We know you may have questions about renting a dumpster, so we’ve provided some answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why should you rent a dumpster from Rentals Truck n Go?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  We have flexible rental periods to fit your schedule, whether your dumpster rental needs are for a week, or months at a time, we can accommodate you.


Rentals Truck & Go stands by our guarantee of environmental responsibility. We deliver every load of refuse to only certified disposal facilities and landfills. No shortcuts. No illegal dumping.

Our commitment to the environment is not only the right thing to do, it’s the law. When you work with Rentals Truck & Go, you’re not only protecting the beauty of your area, you’re protecting your company’s brand and guarding against potential fees.

We emphasize regulatory compliance.  Save yourself time and avoid potential fines by ensuring you’re compliant with local regulations for dumpster placement. Don’t forget to check with your HOA or neighborhood association too.

How do I rent a dumpster?

All it takes is a quick phone call to us at 888-412-4790, or you can reserve it on our website at https://rentalstruckngo.com/rent-a-dumpster/.

Where do you rent dumpsters?
  • We offer dumpster rentals in Anaheim, but serve a much wider geographic area with dumpster rentals throughout Southern California:
  • Dumpster rental Los Angeles County
  • Dumpster rental Orange County
  • Dumpster rental Riverside County
What are your delivery hours?

Our deliveries normally take place between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, but this can vary based on the current schedule and availability. We take the most cost-effective routes to keep our costs down, so we cannot provide a specific delivery time.  We can, however provide a range in which we will arrive.  We do ask that you keep your delivery area clear and accessible the entire day.

Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster?

Generally speaking, no, a permit is not required unless you are having the dumpster placed on a sidewalk or street.  However, each municipality is different, so be sure to check with your city to be sure.  If you do need a permit, be sure to ask the public works or building department what the cost of the permit is before renting your dumpster.  The cost may vary based on duration.  If you are located within a homeowner’s association, be sure to get the homeowners association’s approval prior to delivery as well.

How much does it cost for a dumpster rental?

A 30-yard dumpster will cost $650 for a 7 day period.  Additional rental days will cost an extra $20/day and for each additional ton of material, an additional $100 per ton. A 10-yard dumpster cost $600 for 3 days allowing 6 tons plus delivery fee.

Do I need to be present for my dumpster rental delivery or pickup?

No, you do not need to be present for delivery or pickup.  However, please make sure there is nothing obstructing the area where the dumpster will be placed.  The driver will need a clear path to the location for both delivery and pickup.

Upon pickup, please make sure there are no materials hanging over the side of the dumpster.

What types of materials can’t I place in the dumpster?
  • Environmental safety is important to us. Batteries, asbestos, harmful chemicals, flammable liquids and more are considered environmental hazards and should not go in any dumpster. You will be asked to remove these items if you put them in a rented dumpster.
  • Hazardous materials are classified differently by country, state, county and city. Be familiar with, or ask one of our team members, what is acceptable in your area’s recycling centers and landfills. Additional fees may be charged for some materials. Be clear and up-front on what you will be putting into a dumpster to ensure you will not be penalized for hazardous content. 
  • Importantly, make sure that disposal of any haul-off from your jobsite goes only to certified recycling centers and landfills. That’s how every load is handled by Rentals Truck & Go
Can I place a dumpster on an incline?

Under normal conditions, the answer is typically yes. We look at every site on a case-by-case basis.

How much room is needed for the dumpster?

Electrical, telephone wires and trees need to be at least 15’ in height. The Wheel base of the truck is aprox 9’. The mirrors on the truck, span 11’. Dumpsters cannot be delivered over fences or place on dirt, grass or pebble. Dumpsters need to be lifted or tipped off theirs trucks and require additional height when placed. Drivers cannot drive on neighbors property without written permission. Vehicles, boats, trailers, etc must be moved prior to delivery.

What types of payment do you accept and how do I pay for my dumpster rental?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.  Payments can be made over the phone and via our website.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes, Rentals Truck n Go is fully licensed and insured.