Why Rent a Dumpster

Why Rentals Truck & Go?

Dumpster rentals may seem complicated but in reality, the process is very simple. When you actually get it, you will realize how convenient it is, and the benefits that come with it.


A dumpster rental will help you stay on schedule.  Whether you have the rental for a few days or a few weeks, the dumpster will allow you to finish your project within the time you expect.

Enviromentally Friendly

Proper waste disposal, since more waste can be picked up and disposed of for proper handling at the transfer station.  We’ll make sure we recycle all of the debris, as helping the environment is an important focus.


There are many, many uses for using a dumpster. Everything from broken-down furniture, large chunks of construction debris, roofing or appliances. We always recommend asking about what else you can add or throw away in dumpsters. We will accept anything but no hazardous material and even the small hazardous can cause your dumpster not to be emptied.  We want to make sure we comply with the regulations of your city.


Not just for you, but for the actual job the workers will be doing and the debris like glass, wires, wood, metal, and other material that might cause any injuries. Renting a dumpster reduces the risk of injury, complaints or lawsuits as all of the trash waste will go directly to the dumpster and will be sent to the proper facility